Hello Marjorie, You seem well informed on denouements of...

David Grant - January 25 2011, 8:16 PM

Hello Marjorie,
You seem well informed on denouements of Haiti's politics.

You are the lady behind my heart.

I knew for a long time the accolade which existed between Mr. Rene Preval and Jugo Chavez.And.I do know that Preval has made Haiti a member of A.L.B.A., an organization for economic development for its members, and also a military coalition for the defense of its members against the U.S.
Now that you have revealed that Chavez has given Mr. Preval moneys for Celestin's presidential campaign, this is clearly Venezuela's interference in the political affairs of Haiti.

However, on retrospection, on wonders what internal and external complication that may have on Haiti vis-

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US decided not to back Preval up in his endorsement...

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