Thrown off the Rene Peval blog

Able Rooster - January 25 2011, 7:08 PM

It troubles me that I was thrown off the Rene Preval blog....

I said NOTHING that was not said to me first.

Also, why does toulimen seem to enjoy some sort of posting impunity?

His statements were far more inflammatory than my own! FREEDOM OF SPEECH, fool administrator of the Rene Peavl "blog!" Until you understand Freedom Of Speech, you will never be able to re-erect a nation.

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Able Rooster says...

Sorry... I know it's Preval. Sorry! more »

Jean Pierre Alexandre says...

Able, you can change your IP address often as you please. you are not alone,me too daily those idiot thrown me off. More they block me,more i show... more »

Able Rooster says...

Jean Pierre, Thank YOU! I wish the best for Haiti! I want to Give! But I want my money to help. not enrich those who are not hungry! God Bless... more »