Patricia, Remember i told you that Jude was not going to be...

Patrick - January 25 2011, 1:48 PM


Remember i told you that Jude was not going to be Presidentof of Haiti.

I am still by the beach in Haiti.

Haiti is so beautiful place and the women are so strond and beautiful in the country side. I met a woman name Florimane she carried a bucket full of water for an hour and a half, and she has the most beautiful smile.

She was barefooted and with the whitest teeth i have ever seen in a person's mouth, and i travel a lot.

I hope to do a movie about the happiness inside the Haitian heart, as well as its amazing colors of the artists' paintaings.

I think Haiti has more artists than most people could imagive; there is certainly more artist and art here than any other of the Caribbean islands i have visited.

The cuisine is Wowwwwwww!.

Oh! The food is so delicious.

I wonder if Haitians know that for about 100 years, before the country was separated by the French and Spanish to make it 2 couontries, that Haiti was the richest country in the western Hemisphere.

France, England, Spain all became richer because of Haiti.

Today, it is the poorest in the western hemisphere, but the beauty of the island and its people are rich in so many ways. Musically speaking i truly do believe that Haiti is the richest country in the world.

The musicians here can play all styles of music - all styles of music.

I will be continuing with my work and studies of Anthropology until the end of February.

I plan to visit the country of my parents' birth again - one day.

God blees the people of Haiti!

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