Tony, I wanted to leave this alone, but when i read your...

Ronald Altieri - January 23 2011, 12:01 PM


I wanted to leave this alone, but when i read your comment - id ecided to jump in.

I am somewhat familiar with some theological perspectives on this issue, and therefore could not stay away.

Your statement of: "I think every body should be given a chance to redeem themself, God is a forgiven God and so should we," is well understood.

But let us stretch it a bit! 'Redemption' takes place inward, and the 'Being Born Again' concept is a spritual 'Rebirth', which is in essence to make dormant the physical self and help the spiritual to become dominant.

As to being redeeming oneself, that would be the act of traveling inside inward and 'Saving' or 'Recovering' one's true spirit.

No! I did not write any book on the subject nor am i this and that on the issue.

You and i already know that there are plenty of books and 'google windows' that will give mountains of insightful info on the subject.

But the point i want to make is this: " A poisonous serpent can not redeemed itself, because even if it were to be able to give itself a transfusion - it would not be able to take poison out of his DNA; its soul.The same serpent can be forgiven for sticking its fangs into a baby, but that does mean it can be stop being who he is, or be born again."

But us as human beings and of the Christian faith believe that human beings can redeemed themselves; can be born again, and forgiven by God. For, if God can forgive why can't we?

I could go on an on, but let me stop here and just: "God gives and forgives, but manking gets and forgets."

The true act of 'Repentance' or 'Redemption' (according to Martin Luther / 10 November,1483- 18 February, 1546) is never to repeat the transgression that pulls the mind away its balance point or righteousness or conscience.

Christ's mind takes us a little further, in letting us know that you can walk into the love of God at any point in your life, even a second before physical death.

In this Spiritual mystery, let me just say that God's Love will even reach to the bottom of hell to pull our souls out-of-there, but you have to want to 'Redeem' youself and 'Be Born Again' in your soul.

We will never reach the bottom of this spiritual mystery.

But one thing we can be very clear about, Mr. Harriott, is that a poisonous serpent can nver become non-poisonous.

So, even if it's tongue is sweet around your neck - be careful.

To be born again and be redeemed is a personal experience - experienced in faithful sumbmission to your inner spiritual calling.

Such a person does not have to explain their deeds, because the positity of this person's vibes permeates what others may feel or think about such a person.

A relationship with God is personal.

Everyone's soul is theirs to loose, and the the devil loves to swallow the energy of lost souls.

Let the energy of your positive 'Faith' of the Christian and the Politician be their guide.

Always In Christ,
Ronald Altieri

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