Hello sir'''''It appears you do not know what being born again...

Suzanne M. Mcneil - January 23 2011, 9:06 AM

hello sir'''''It appears you do not know what being born again really means, you talk like you do but then you take its meaning away and doubt it and show great anger.

If any person''''''past dictator, someone who commitS adultery, a prostitute, anyone

repents of their sin with sincerity and believes on Jesus and that He died for their sins and ask Him into their hearts they are born again of the spirit and the Holy Spirit comes and lives in them and they will start living a life of holiness.

The Holy Spirit will do the work in their hearts and spirit and take away their evil desires.

Does this mean a born again person never makes a mistake again?

NO, we are still human and have a spiritural war between our flesh and what it wants to do and what God wants us to do and this is why one needs to stay close to God and have christian brothers and sisters that are strong in the Lord to ecourage them to do right at all times.

The bible says you shall know them by their fruit which means if someone says they are born again then you should see a change in their lives: examples; where they used vulgarities constantly, they will no longer swear; where they lied, they will now tell the truth, where they were promiscuous they will now be pure, if you want to share more on this please contact me at my e-mail address if it is okay to put it here, smiles, hopencaring at yahoo.com. Thanks so much for letting me share on this topic and I hope you yourself will open the door to your heart and let Jesus live in you and be born again

amen???, Suzanne FROM USA

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