"Youth of my country, During my long stay in France, I was...

Marianne - January 22 2011, 2:36 PM

"Youth of my country,
During my long stay in France, I was always attentive to your cries and your misfortunes.

I lived your difficult times with great sorrow and grief.

" Duvalier.

I would love for someone to publish photos of the home(s) Duvalier lived in in France.

How much was he suffering, while his countrymen lived in palaces?

"Attentive" is a gross insult at this point!! Dear Haitians: do not accept this. Your wisdom is acknowledged and admired by anyone who visits your country.

You deserve better than this, and so do your children and your children's children.

Do not allow either Duvalier or Aristide (who moved to the "Motherland"- what an insult to all true Haitians!) to make laughing stock of you, and for Duvalier to quote Dr. King - only to change them to empty words!
Start anew. Be wise. Be honest and be strong.

Hold hands to form one nation! Unite!

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Port-au-Prince. Friday

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