Hi Gary, good morning. I agree 100% with your statement...

Marianne - January 22 2011, 8:53 AM

Hi Gary, good morning.

I agree 100% with your statement.


I must have been too hasty when I read yours, imagining that you meant there was no official Constitution written.

And certainly, beyond a shadow of a doubt, EVERYONE has to follow the constitution - law-makers, politicians, citizens in Kenskof or beyond DesChapelles, and Heads of State above all!
Now, this morning, the US statement that there is a travel warning to Haiti - airports closed...my friends were just in Port, and others live there (both Haitian and long-time 'expatriates', and all said that nothing was going on. I am supposed to go back - soon - and am so confused.

Another trick?

I am bringing in a 19 yo from Europe for 6 mo volunteering - is that responsible now, in view of the warning and the upcoming 7th?

I've been caught in 3 elections there before and they were not pretty!
Duvalier is trying to get the charges against him nullified before Feb 1, because if he fails, the Swiss will close his accounts permanently by order of their Prime Minister.

That's what he is after.

And if he doesn't succeed, he will HAVE to stay in Haiti - no place to go.

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Hello Marianne, I thank you from the bottom of my...

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