Dear Jozy, I read your comment with the attention it truly...

Ronald Altieri - January 22 2011, 7:57 AM

Dear Jozy,

I read your comment with the attention it truly deserved.

I, like many others, feel your pain in more ways than one. Some of us know first hand the experience you referred to.

It is true that there are certain pains in life's journey that no one can truly empathize with. It is also true that no pain in life should make us dwell in pain.

On a spiritual note, the devil is constantly looking for soldiers to enlist in his army of demons by way of negative deeds.

But the Lord also has HIS army of Angels to soothe our pains in times of needs.

Jozy, you have eased our pains with your spiritual vibes.

Thank you!

I beg of you to think of what i am about to say: "Do not allow any devilish actions take your mind into an obscure chamber; whereby, you will not be able to see and feel the love that permeates all tragedies.

Simply because the pain is always temporary, but the love is forever."

I decided to reply to your thought-provoking and heart-touching statement mainly because you said (and please do not get this wrong):

"I came to this conclusion, and Haitians are very bad human beings."

You did not exaclty meant for it to come out that way - I know!

You see!

The pain of your experience has clouded your lovely mind, and for a moment you did not realize that our ancestors, your grandparents, your mother and father and countless of others are actually lovely, good-minded, God fearing and innocent people.

And i love the statement you made in sayting:

"I will continue to pray, and offer assistance from far away. I do not want to say never, but I have no intentions to set foot there and have not been home in 25 years."

Please, continue to pray, because prayers are the best weapon against evil from invading our minds.

You should know that the Universe and the World was created for us; therefore, you can be Haitian; you can be yourself, no matter where you are.

Thank you for your revealing statement of:

"I could write books about my dealing with my own people, and was forced to bring my elderly parents here in their old age so they would not get killed there.They both went home to be with the LORD, and would been horrified by the recent events there.

They worked hard during their entire lives, and were victimized by eveil people in Haiti.

They did not want to come here, and resisted.

My dad had a gun placed at his head, and was forced to withdraw his entire life savings."

You Dear Dad had evil trying to get inside his head, but that was not to be. Your Dear Dad did not withdraw his entire savings, he saved the best for you to share with all of us - His Love.

You Dear Mother and Father are smiling in seeing that the love they have left you with is slowy and surely taking root for the future generations to enjoy and pass on. I appreciate your passing it on.

In our Spiritual Revolution, Josy, evil will not be able to take our joys with the pains it gives.

Let us also thank the wonderful spirits who have left the following words for us for our spirits to cherish:


Pour le Pays,
Pour la Patrie,
Marchons unis,
Marchons unis.
Dans nos rangs point de tra

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