Justice from their oppressors, and I am referring to the...

Josy - January 22 2011, 1:22 AM

Justice from their oppressors, and I am referring to the leaders who are big crooks.

I understand what you are saying, and respect your opinion.

I just want to give you a scenario in the USA, and it seems the poor are in a slumber.

Americans will take to the streets, and protest if they could not get their basic necessities.

Can you imagine Walmart, and the other supermarkets were completely empty?

Our ancestors fought hard, and I do not understand this new generation.

Are they afraid of spilling blood?

It is always part of the process for changes, and some will have to die to save the rest of the country.

I have heard this word over, and over. I do not know exactly what it means, and it is "envoute".

They claim that Haiti is "envoute", and Haitians were forced into submission supernaturally.

I spent the first 15 years of my life in Haiti, and grew up under the Duvalier regime.

I love my country, and feel for my people.

I have heard, and witnessed many things at a very early age. I have been living abroad for almost 40 years now, and have also experienced the ones in the diaspora.

I came to this conclusion, and Haitians are very bad human beings.

I will continue to pray, and offer assistance from far away. I do not want to say never, but I have no intentions to set foot there and have not been home in 25 years.

I could write books about my dealing with my own people, and was forced to bring my elderly parents here in their old age so they would not get killed there.

They both went home to be with the LORD, and would been horrified by the recent events there.

They worked hard during their entire lives, and were victimized by eveil people in Haiti.

They did not want to come here, and resisted.

My dad had a gun placed at his head, and was forced to withdraw his entire life savings.

My family's home was robbed on two occasions, and I could go on for ever. They both died here, but wanted to be home and die there.


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