"It will continue unless the population rises, and demand...

J R B Auguste - January 22 2011, 12:45 AM

"It will continue unless the population rises, and demand justice."

Demand justice from whom?

Justice done by whom?

Haitians like their legal system the way it is and that is why it is the way it is. Just to their liking: the moun pa system, the moun de bien system, the moun nan pouvoi system.

It fits every social stratosphere in Haiti.

The bourgeois, the moun de bien, the pep, are all members of the same circus.

They profit from, they manipulate justice whenever they are in power.

So they keep the system the way they find it once they reach power.

It is to their advantage.

Only they do not realize that once their moment in power ends, they will revert to the rank of the oppressed and disenfranchised by the justice system they just recently kept in existence while they were in power.

In short, natif natal Haitians fight the system only when they are not in power.

Once they are in power they do everything to keep the power at status quo because suddenly it is to their advantage.

The pep has been in power for some 20 years now with lavalas.

Have you seen it change anything to better the justice system?

Answer: no. That's because it is now in their advantage.

Soon as they lose power see them rejoin the rank of those complaining of the justice system.

Haitians have the justice system they want and deserve.

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It has always been the case, and they conduct their...

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