Whatever anyone can do: make sure they make the financial...

Marianne - January 21 2011, 7:48 PM

Whatever anyone can do: make sure they make the financial charges against Duvalier stick - and be sure to do so by February 1! That way the Swiss will NEVER release the remaining millions to him - they aren't his to begin with. The Swiss are sticklers and nobody else needs to play any games.

Whatever happens after that - staying or leaving ('take it or leave it'?)- is the next item to worry about.

Remember: as soon as Duvalier was told about this Feb.1, 2011 deadline, he came to Haiti to 'care for his people'.

Let's see whether he spoke the truth once he hears that he is penniless and will have to chose which one of his palatial homes in Haiti will need to be fixed up from pocket money left.
Don't worry so much about being banned...being damned is much worse.

Regardless of being 'pro' or 'con' Duvalier: he has to face up to the enormous charges against him - particularly against humanity - so he can be free and clear in the future, and chosen or rejected honestly.

Ah: we can always hold a collection and buy a one-way ticket to the International Court in the Hague, the Netherlands.

They seem to do rather well with the issues of Crimes Against Humanity.

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