such words before Duvalier popped in...

Marianne - January 21 2011, 7:29 PM such words before Duvalier popped in. Regardless of either person's desire to return, and for whatever reason, to do this take place exactly at a time of political stress and general turmoil is just 'playing harps', tears included.

And it is a dagerous game that is, as they should remembere, not-about-them!
The Swiss want to see official charges and have them stick.

If that is not done by February 1, Baby will never be able to touch his money again.

That is the ONLY reason he is there - let's not kid ourselves.

And the only reason Aristide wants to return, I believe, is envy/alarm that Baby would have the popularity vote. Again: this is about the Haitian people and their nation - not about two political ping-pong players!

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