If someone is exiled from his country, it is a sort of...

David Grant - January 21 2011, 7:04 AM

If someone is exiled from his country, it is a sort of banishment and is not allowed to come back.How ever, if he circumvents the agreement and return through the back door, he is liable for an arrest.

This is the case in Mr. Jean Claude's Duvalier's. As a matter of fact, even though someone is exiled from his country, and it found that he is wanted for crimes, he can be extradited if there exists an extradition treaty with the country in which he resides.

It is certain Mr. Duvalier knew this; his return may have a more elaborate, murky significance.

As time goes by, the true reason for his return will enfold.


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Preval is doing all that to keep everyone attention...

I do believe that MR. Jean Claude Duvalier has and...

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