The other day, President Rene Preval and CEP President Gaillot...

Chandel - January 20 2011, 8:45 PM

The other day, President Rene Preval and CEP President Gaillot Dorsinvil have said that the OAS recommendation will be looked at, but that the decision to remove Jude Celestin from the second round is uncertain, unlikely or may even impossible (i am not certain exactly what was said or whether it was both that said it).

But i am certain that this was said by the Ambassador of the United States to the United Nations - Susan Rice, as reported via

"Haiti risks losing the support of the United States and the international community if the country does not quickly develop a democratic government.

We urge the Haitian authorities to outline a very clear way forward that will lead promptly to the inauguration of a democratically elected government

that represents the will of the Haitian people" declared today Susan Rice, US ambassador to the United Nations stating that this must be accompanied of a "timely timetable for the second round and inauguration of a new government"...

Susan Rice said that Haiti should implement the recommendations made by international observers (OAS?), that the candidate supported by President Rene Preval (Jude Celestin, INITE) should be excluded from the second round of the presidential election


Nou pa konin ki sak pral fet ni kisak te di, mim nou tout konnin depui chouchoune yon femme pale tout neg te met bande, min fo yo tande.

Epi tout gro grin ki pense yo ka controlle ti tet yo - commense joffe, pase gacon guin deu tete - yon piti et yon gro.

Nap suive!

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