Woodring i hear from good source in haiti that michelle benett...

Lena - January 20 2011, 5:34 PM

woodring i hear from good source in haiti that michelle benett in haiti now she try to have all baby doc have and she dovorce 2 husband from she leave haiti and let them dry with no money and his cousin tony bennett suppose to married preval daugther why they dont arrest her she thief all baby doc money she is in haiti rigth now no body say nothing from my source jean claude think he have sugar but he have pancreas cancer roni gilot try to help him because he know this jean claude wish to die in haiti because he is in phase 4 cancer please forgive him he soon meet his maker he have to answer to god we all have sin michelle bennett put accid in a woman face in 1980 before or afther married to claude she is a crimenel too why no one say nothing baby doc cannot paid his rent and by food in france thank god for his girl friend mr roy who never give up on him try investigate all that to fine the trut

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