I say let all of them go back to Haiti to face any charges...

Etienne - January 20 2011, 5:03 PM

I say let all of them go back to Haiti to face any charges against them. They should all be allowed to go back and face the truth on Haitian soil. Sending former leaders in exile to live in luxury and happily ever after is not democracy at work...it is a plain coward act on the part of the sitting government not to seek, and arrest these leaders for their "alleged" crimes against the Haitian people and the Haitian constitution.

Can anyone tell me why deposed Haitian leaders carry a Haitian diplomatic passport when they are "alleged" to have committed crime(s) against Haiti?

Why was JCD allowed to enter the country with an expired passport?

Can an ordinary Haitian citizen be allowed to enter Haiti with an expired passport?

I guess yes, since JCD proved that it can be done; maybe it is not against the law.

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