He should return right away and there is no need for...

Toulimen - January 20 2011, 12:59 PM

He should return right away and there is no need for governments' negotiation whatsoever.

He should do like Duvalier and we will protect him. I don't hate anyone and they should all come back to their land. I am calling upon Aristide, Cedras, Frank Romain, Avril, Trouillot, Namphy, Biamby, Chanoine, Merceron, Achilles, Guy Phillipe, Regala, Michelle Bennet, Mireille Roy, Mimi Barthelmy, Ti-Pasquet and others to return immediately.

We will protect them and nothing will happen.

I am expecting Aristide's return before February 7, 2011. The end of exile for Haitians is coming now...Is Bush in exile?

Why should Haitian political leaders be exiled?

We should turn the page and end this exile cycle now...Aristide please just board the plane now to Haiti and if you wait next year after Obama, you will have to wait another 20 years with the coming Republican leaders.

It is said that Obama will be a one term president no matter how good he can be. The Republicans own America and you should come back right now to avoid another decade out of Haiti.

Do not trust both America's political parties and it is a relationship between masters and servants.

I hope that you understand it. Come back right away and we will protect you ok. I want all other leaders to do the same...

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