David, Do not get me wrong, but i had to use your message as a...

Ronald Altieri - January 19 2011, 6:54 AM


Do not get me wrong, but i had to use your message as a springboard.

It is hard to measure wealth; some say to be of good health is the greatest treasure, while others say that it to be loved and to give love.

Some think that to be greatly feared or to have international power is the measure of wealth.

Others will tell you that it is all relative; in that, it is better to be a live mouse than a dead cat. While some will rather be the anus of a live rat than to be a dead lion - so to speak.

Let us face the reality, because we do not know what the truth is:

JCD landed in Haiti on the 16th of January when the second round of the Presidential Election was to take place (may be coincidental, but certainly ironic).

He had a passport which was renewed by the Haitian Government back in 2005 (yes! believe it).

He was to have a Press Conference on Monday, which was postponed for Tuesday, and then he got more attention that Tuesday afternoon than the statements of the Press Conference could have ever given him.

Right now the news Media do not give a pimple on a rat's ass about North Korea, Iran, Iraq, Afghanistan, Russia or China; the news Media is focused on Haiti and and its Baby Doctor (you know what i mean).

He was not handcuffed yesterday by the Special Forces of the Haitian National Police (who is trying very to make itself into a formidable force); he was not arrested, but he was taken in for questioning and etcetera.

Hey! Could it be that he was being introduced to the Haitian National Police in a ritual involving the Law of the State; so, that he becomes fully aware of how things have been designed for him to get the publicity needed to be in the minds of the country.

Or, could it that this was an introduction to the fact that the law will be power of the state henceforth.

You see! To some Haitians it does not matter if JCD was in France or hell. but what does matter is what he is in Haiti playing the role in the political scheme of Haitian Politics.

Moreover, could it be that the powers that be have something in the works with him as the central figure that most of us could not even begin to speculate on.

I assert that it would be very naive to believe that JCD chose to come back to Haiti, at this crucial time, just because he is broke.

I believe there is more to it. Stay tuned!

Right now, the CEP has tremendous decision to make in the history of Haitian politics, and the intangibles that are attached to JCD's presence can not be belittled or overlooked - broke or not; sick or not.

We need to look deeper!

As it is, it has been reported that he must stay in Haiti (legally) to face charges, and he has not been arrested.

On top of all this mardi-gras fiasco - Aristide's passport was denied by the Haitian government.

The media is behind him to smell any farts, but we do not know a thing about the CEP who is about to make the most important decision in Haitian Political future; therefore, the most importand decision for the children and future of Haiti.

Hey! Some people were surprised of his landing, and now he is being welcomed to stay by more than you can imagine.

Let us think a little and see what wealth is, because money is only the tangible aspect of wealth.

By the way! If we are caught up in the pains of yesterday we will not be able to feel the peace of today, let alone the joys of tomorrow.

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