So, you want Duvalier to return but you dou dont want...

Dr. D - January 18 2011, 9:24 PM

So, you want Duvalier to return but you dou dont want Aristide.

It is b.s, you mean to tell me that Duvalier regime was better for Haiti than the Aristide.

If lavalas was to be in power for 30 years i bet we would have gotten a way better haiti than the Duvalier left it.
There was a survey done by this NGO(ONG) call PNUD, they found out that 83% of the qualified haitians reside abroad and that my friends is thanks to the duvalier's regime who was kicking the brains of Haiti out in order to control the masses illiterate.

These folks (macoutes) had done nothing but putting the haitians people in despair, we haitians have short memories, or we are just disconnected from reality.

We do not need fuc****** duvalier, what we need is to cancel the haitian constitution, kick the french american and canadian out of our affairs.

Try to build coalitions with countries that are not after to steal us dry, but instead are willing to give us a helpping hand.

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