jean claude duvalier must not be charged, prosecuted or...

Hj Christopher - January 18 2011, 5:36 PM


I left Haiti in 1985, a year before Baby Doc left to France.

As a child going to school, I remember how peaceful the country was. Life was easy for many Haitians.

Since 1986, Haiti has been going through a downward spiral unlike anything we have ever seen before.

Duvalier's return should be considered as the conscious of the nation.

His arrival provides an opportunity for a national dialogue on how to bring Haiti back to its glory days. Every government in Haiti's long history has committed atrocities against humanity.

In fact every government including the United States have committed crimes against humanity.

Should former US President George W. Bush be charged for wrongfully killing thousands of Iraqi?

I think Not.

It is indeed very suspect that the only people who are calling for Duvalier's arrest are foreigners i.e., amnesty international and others.

I do not see the same zeal in calling for prosecution of other Heads of State who have committed crimes against humanity.

Haitians must resolve their problems between themselves.

It is time that we stop fighting each other.

We are not each other's enemy.

The enemies are the United States, France and Canada and the ten thousands NGO in Haiti whose CEOs are getting rich claiming that they are helping poor Haitians.

Has any one ever wondered what happened to all the money that Red Cross collected?

what about the Clinton Initiatives?

It is always a good tactic to keep us fighting each other while we are being robbed.

The Haitian Government should spend its time regulating the NGO's, make them accountable to the government and the people they claimed to be helping.

Duvalier and other political leaders should initiate a national dialogue focusing on our country.

We do not need France, the United States or Canada to tell us how to treat each other.

Remember, divide and conquer has always been the favorite weapon of the colonialists.

Keep the niggers fighting each other while we steal the country blind.

One thing to notice is that no matter how the US Democrats and the Republicans fight each other, one thing they never allowed is for foreigners to incite division in their midst.



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