Haitian Government can not legally arrest Jean Claude Duvalier

Ronald Altieri - January 18 2011, 5:05 PM

According to Radio Metrolpole the Haitian can not legally arrest Jean Claude, because they were supposed to renew the law suit and charges agains him every ten years, and they forgot.

So, it looks like they have to file it again and wait ten years to do it LEGALLY.

By the way! The American Official that is in charge of the reconstruction of Hait - as associated with the Clinton Progam (if you know what i mean) is with the Jean Claude entourage.

You can believe or you can twipe - min se sal ye!

Pren san nou tande, bagay yo pa jem sa montre'a. En now suiv toujou - apre sa oua dim sa'w te we.

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Negsanyan says...

si nap wete emosyon,na we ke pwoblem Ayiti pa yon grenn moun.Anpil ayisyen kom etranje fe fotine sou koz ak do ti peyi sa.se toujou yon... more »