Not too long ago some were demanding that the US President...

Ronald Altieri - January 18 2011, 12:37 PM

Not too long ago some were demanding that the US President George Bush should stand trial in the World Court as a War Criminal.

Just the other day some were saying that President Obama should be impeached because he is ruining the economy of United States.

Over 2000 years ago some cried "Crucify Him! Crucify Him!", because some thought that he was an evil blasphemer.

Socrates was found guilty of poisoning the minds of the youth and was sentenced to death.

Later we see that Joan of Arc was burned alive, because she revealed that she was listening to her inner spiritual vibes.

I sincerely can go on and on, but let me stop here and say:


Yes! If they choose to arrest him and put him on trial, then Jean-Bertrand Aristide must also be be arrested and put on trial - how many thousands died because of his embargo and other measures, which was high treason against the people of Haiti, and that would be just the surface of it. Futhermore, have all the funds given to Haiti under his administration made their way to Haitian institutions?

How did he get his millions?

Also, Preval must be arrested for inviting foreign officials to verify and recommend on our Electoral Process, which was not put to vote in the Senate and/or parliament for approval.

Clearly, which article in our Constitution make this OAS request legal (correst me if i am wrong)?

Is this high treason against our Constitution and the people of Haiti?

Of course, that would be just the surface of it. Moreover, have all the funds given to his administration made their way to Haitian institutions?

How did he get his millions?

It is true that some of our people are suffering from cholera of the stomac, but Haitians are not in the agony of brain cholera.

Let us not allow other forces to infiltrate our minds and divide what can help us to reflect on ourselves as a people and nation of great historical significance, irrespective of our present predicament.

The question is what would arresting Jean Claude (or any of the others mentioned) do to move us forward?

Is that scenario a set up to keep us swiming in fecal political mardi-gras we all know so well?

If God can forgive why can't you?

Our Spiritual Revolution demand that we look further in our minds to find real solutions to our problems and not problems to our solutions.

Can you see?

We need to move on!

Human Rights Group should arrest all three and more Haitian officials, and not just Jean Claude Duvalier.

Our little poor country has a lot to teach the world - from our Military Revolution in 1803/1804 to this early phase of our Spiritual Revolution, which should start now.

Yes! Arrest Jean Claude, Jean Bertrand and Preval and put them on trial in front of the world; for all three are guilty of the same crimes done in different fashion.

Yes! Arrest all three and hear the cries of the perfect chant:


Or, we can leave them alone, and feed our Haitian conscience; our Spiritual Revolution with the lessons learned.

Have we learned our lessons?

"L'Union Fait La Force", but this time it is about Spiritual Power - start feeling yours,

Hey! In Faith we will but in Fear we will not.

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