In my pevious reply I suggested using computer to contact...

Earl - January 18 2011, 9:53 AM

In my pevious reply I suggested using computer to contact Whitehouse with messages requsting assistance.

This is webpage clicking on "contact" at top & when form comes up before filling it out go to bottom and click "oganization" (you can give yourself oganization name like "Haitians to Rebuild" or whatever.

This will get your email attention.

Now, what is important is that everyone begin with request not just for aid and assistance in rebuilding but say you want the U.S. corps of engineers to build water and sewer facilities for Port-au-Prince.

This is a firs step before any serious rebuilding begins so ask for U.S. Corps of Engineers to build water and sewer treatment plant & facilities.

Then we will move on from that point to other points such as better grade of concrete than was used previously with more rebars (those are the metal rods to reinforce the concrete) then to construction to withstand earthquakes and this is process not only to build walls up but to prevent them from swaying.


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