I do not think he should be arrested we need to let go of the...

Marleine - January 18 2011, 9:30 AM

I do not think he should be arrested we need to let go of the past. Human rights should investigate and Arrest UN for spreading the cholera desease in the nation it is a crime against humanity.

If they want to help haiti then this is a fresh topic to investigate

If they wanted him to get arrested they should of done it 25 years ago not now. The man is old and charge him for his pass crimes won't change a them thing.

It wont fix the misery of our nation, it wont fix the road it will not bring back our economy more importantly it will not back the money or fix haiti.

If he should get arrested Preval, Aristide, Sedras, Henry Nanfy, all those past presidents and of course the UN for killing young protestors and bringing all those kidnapping ideas amongs those crazy haitians criminals all of those should be arrested as well.

Criminals dont judge criminals

Leave him alone only God can judge...

Our country needs some help we need to move on and make a better furture for the youth..

Jean Claude Duvalier look very frail and very sick and he was not the guy that we knew 25 years ago but he looks very aged...For a 59 year old.

So before the prosecuter try to arrest him they might want to wait and see how he can give back or even make up for what he have done

Only god knows...

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