Michele Montas is trouble! We agree with the above comment on...

Syed - January 17 2011, 9:50 PM

Michele Montas is trouble! We agree with the
above comment on why she never spoke of her
husbands death.

Michele Montas was involved with the UN corruption
and as the former UN Spokesperson widely hated and
disliked full of lies and deceit.

She is an "Opportunist" and sees Haiti now with
an agenda.

Michele Monta left the UN with shame, but she
somehow managed to get on the UN payroll to
pretend now help Haiti.

Ms Montas is a D level making hundreds of
thousands illegally off a ghost post!

The US should investigate her and every
media should be very skeptical of this evil
witch hunters agenda for the Haitians.

Haiti has suffered enough and Ms Montas is
not there help. She has a hidden agenda.

motive is money.

No one at the UN could tolerate her hatred
and anmosity.

Haiti should deport her before
she destroys Haiti like she did the UN. This
women is mental and like a loaded gun!

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