Great another conspiracy theory. The two of these ruthless...

Pierre J - January 17 2011, 4:35 PM

Great another conspiracy theory.

The two of these ruthless dictators coming back to Haiti is no coincidence.

Since you're playing "what if"...what if it's Martelly that is planning this, since how...oooh, here's something factual..he has already threatened to call for a revolution several weeks ago in the media!!! He put the pieces in place and went forward with it no matter what. Haitians will be slaughtered 10 fold if these two (maybe three) politicians are involved.

As compared to what?

An earthquake...cholera?

All natural.

These three stooges will kill Haitians without mercy.

I hope they "come in peace" but seriously doubt it...given their history.

BE CAREFUL for what you ask for....

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