In response to your questions. Yes, Aristide in his way to...

Hj Christopher - January 17 2011, 2:32 PM

In response to your questions.

Yes, Aristide in his way to Venezuela, not Cuba. He will be in Haiti by the end of this week. In regards to JC Duvalier's arrival in Haiti.

Keep in mind that JC Duvalier could not have left France without the blessing of the French government.

In addition, the United States embassy and the French Foreign office work hands in hands.

The US government cleared JC Duvalier before he left Paris.

According to my source at the State Department, the following is the game: The American government does not care much about neither Preval nor celestin, however, they do not know who and what "Sweet Micky" Martelly is. It appears very likely at least until Sunday that if a second round of election was to be held that Martelly would be president.

Martelly is a wild card that Washington was NOT paying much attention to until after the results of the first round of elections.

So, now there is the game, throw in JC Duvalier in the game and get the people wild up a bit, and allow Duvalier to throw his weight behind a Candidate.

This would create a situation where Preval would have to leave, a temporary government council would be appointed, and new elections would be held. With a new CEP, all candidates include JC Duvalier would be allowed to run! The US gets who it wants, and the French continues to rob the country blind, and everyone is happy, EXCEPT the 90% of the people who live in abject proverty.

So what are we to do!

Answer: Duvalier should be allowed to stay in the country if he wants.

(hey he is a Haitian citizen).

The second round should take place as scheduled.

Manigat and Martelly needs to come out and make a statement about unity...

that we are all Haitians and our problems will best be solved by all of us working together regardless of party affiliation.

Duvalierist, Lavalassiens, Unite, all of them need to get together and agree to disagree and move the country forward.

I can dream can't I?


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