What do people think about Baby Docs return to Haiti? As I see...

Earl Wheby Jr. - January 17 2011, 12:20 AM

What do people think about Baby Docs return to Haiti?

As I see it Baby Doc was handd the type administration his father handed him when he was only 19 years old and cared more for playing around than government.

Later in life he was to be taken advantage of by his wife and father-in-law who I was a pilot for and felt at times as if I were a member of the first family Ernest Bennett would talk about needing to talk to the President about this that or the other and always there was the big photo of the President and his daughter together as a couple which hung largly behind Bennetts desk. I blame the execess of Ernest Bennett and his daughter for the downfall of Baby Doc and the visit of the Pope which only lead to a downhill spiral that now Baby Doc is receiving a warm welcome home which I personally think he is entitled to as a lot of his problems were not of his own making other than his refusal to follow his Mothers advice on not getting married to that woman and I know personally of Ernest Bennett was runing the country.

When at Cabinet Meetings the first lady would take chage and start giving orders to the Ministers you know Baby Doc wasn't really interested in running government at the time. Go to: www.google.com and when the space bar comes up put in "ernest bennett haiti" to get the true story of what it was like when Baby Doc was in power and Haiti had law and order..


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During my time as a pilot for Ernest Bennett he seemed to take a personal liking to me, furnished me with hotel room...

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