Did you even read what I wrote? Before you make your negative...

Garry Destin - January 16 2011, 7:34 PM

Did you even read what I wrote?

Before you make your negative comments think first.

I was talking about respect one's own people.

How many Haitians were killed by him, How much money he stole from his a poor country, where did he do his weekly market as president of a country, where are the cows, the pigs, the rice, the chickens and the Haitians in the Dominican Republic as slaves.

How many of you bash Haiti and Haitians to strangers?

People like that I don't consider them Haitians.

When I was in high school, many attacks that were made on Haitian were by English speaking Haitian.

Although they are Haitians, do you consider then Haitians?

Don't call people idiot if your comment is banal itself and don't play humble if your comment is disdainful.

As I said I hope he takes a step back and see what he did then move forward by correcting his mistakes.

But, remember greed is a disease.

So my friend that is what I said and hope you can apologize for you negative comment.

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Most of you NEED to stop making assumptions. How do...

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