Mr.Altieri, We can first stop tearing each other down--our...

Sylvia - January 16 2011, 3:41 PM

Mr.Altieri, We can first stop tearing each other down--our current gov't included.

I believe the devastating earthquake in Haiti last year was a call for us as a nation to turn a new page.
The evil that was slavery left a legacy of "koupe tet brile caille" in Haiti.

Throughout our history we have had and continue to have a tendency to see everyone in a position of power as the new "master", the evil that must be brought down, destroyed at any cost. How else do you explain our countless coups since 1804. That mentally freed us from slavery but left us psychologically wounded.

Let's look at the tragic earthquake as the "death" of this old psyche and a chance for us to learn to relate differently to each other.

We can begin by stopping the personal attacks on those we disagree with. President Preval is not evil nor good. Some on this forum have called him a "criminal" a "murderer".

How do statements such as these move us forward as a nation.

As for our current political stalemate, Haiti now needs self-sacrificing leaders who can forget personal ambitions for the common good. We need leaders who can put the building of the country first and foremost.

By building I mean not only infrastructure but also institutions that support democrary: our courts/schools/political parties/religious and civic organizations.

How refreshing itwould be if one of the three candidates would step aside and allow the process to continue--allowing Haiti to move forward.

How refreshing if those in charge of elections (Intl community included)would do thei utmostto assure a fair an election as humanly possible.

How refreshing it would be for Haitians to stand behind that elected president and support him or her even though he or she will most likely be inept and weak. Our leader are weak because for most of our history we have not created the kind of environment necessary for such leaders to emerge.'
My prayer for Haiti is for a self-sacrificing man or woman to take the lead. I pray for that everyday.

Let's all pray!

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Dear Sister Sylvia, I appreciate your intuitive...

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Dear Sister Sylvia, We all, at times, need to be...

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