Let Preval be Preval, let Celestin be Celestin, let the OAS be...

Ronald Altieri - January 16 2011, 10:33 AM

Let Preval be Preval, let Celestin be Celestin, let the OAS be the OAS, let the MINUSTAH be MINUSTAH and let EVIL be EVIL.

And please try not to ever give the benefit of the daoubt to that which you think is EVIL; to that which you think is bad - may be, but EVIL never.

Check this out! A bad brother or sister can swicth to goodness.

But an EVIL venomous serpent will always be poisonous even if you give it a transfusion - The poison is not only in its saliva, but it in its soul and DNA.

So the sweet tongue of a serpent minded person around your ears is just a prelude.

Feed your mind what is spiritually healthy; just as you should feed your body what is nutritionally beneficial.

Stop giving your mental energy to thinking of what is EVIL, and spend that energy in thinking in what is Godly.

It took billions of years for you to get here now that you are - feel your uniqueness.

Let the light of love shine through your spirit, and feel your power.

Forget about Preval or Celestin - Our mental fight; our Spiritual Revolution is not about them, but it is about eradicating trash from our minds; it is about confronting Evil in our minds where the real danger is...

I wish i could accept the compliments you gave, but they also belong to you who helped the thoughts to surface.

Remember! In FAITH we will, but in FEAR we will not.

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Ronald, You made a very good analogy. I must say that...

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