Tiba, Your question politely begs an answer (Could it be...

Ronald Altieri - January 15 2011, 8:53 PM


Your question politely begs an answer (Could it be possible that he (Preval) is cooking another scam to create more violence?), so let me try:

"One thing we know is that noone can squeeze orange juice from a rock. In that frame of mine, we will say that in other for there to be a scam, the ingredients to cook up such a scam must be in existence with the variables capable to give the scam existence and become reality"

So, not to get up in abstract rhetoric, let me just say that: "In order for violence to be created it must start in the mind. We can beat our heads against that idea, but it is as natural as breath - let us breathe its truth.

Moving further! Preval can create all the scam and violence he wants in his mind, but if the minds of those who are suppose to act out those scams and violence acts are made up not to follow that mindset, then the reality of what is created in his mind will not come to be."

Again! Could it be possible that he (Preval) is cooking another scam to create more violence?

It all depends on his mindset! Will he act with arrogance, which has its roots in ignorance, or will he be in tolerance which is rooted in substance.

Look and see clearly that it is not aboout what Preval or this and that person will do, but it is about what each person has made up their minds to do.

Let us cleanse our minds so that we can see clearly the path ahead of us. I would like to think that i can assist some in cleaning their minds - but i have my own mind to attend to.

By the way! I, for one, welcome criticism, i use it as fuel to energize my thoughts.

Tiba, implant this in your mind as a gift: "It is futile to try to beat someone over the head, in any way shape or form, because it will never reveal the person's mind."

I sense that you are trying very hard to fine focus your thoughts in the sense of stimulating our minds through this screen; it pleases me to see that. I hope i rewarded your efforts.

Thank you for your humility, Keep up the good work!

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Ronald, Please don't think that I am criticising you...

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Ronald, You made a very good analogy. I must say that...

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