Ronald, Please don't think that I am criticising you or...

Tiba - January 15 2011, 7:30 PM


Please don't think that I am criticising you or beating you over the head in any way shape and form. I do agree with you totally about having transparency in the Haitian government.

For far too long, the Haitian government has been operating in total secrecy behind close doors away from the people's knowledge and awareness.

We all know the Haitian government is an exclusive government and always has been and maybe always will be unless we, Haitians, stand up and say enough is enough.

But again, you and all of us, Haitians, must clearly understand the simple fact that the government doesn't think its job/duty is to "Protect and to serve" its people, its citizens.

Until the government understands its role to its people, the Haitian people will always be left out from transparency in their government's affairs.

My point was about picking and chosing what are the most important issues neededing transparency right now. If you'd ask me, I just don't think salary of elected official is really a top priority.

The electoral process must be the top priority right now. For example, Preval was provided with the OAS recount/investigation report since Thursday and has yet to say anything about it. Could it be possible that he (Preval) is cooking another scam to create more violence?

We all know Preval is chameleon/anganman.

In this, transparency must be absolute.

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Tiba, Your point is well taken, and as earlier stated...

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