Ronald Altieri, Nice try but it's a nonsense logic you just...

Tiba - January 15 2011, 12:25 PM

Ronald Altieri,

Nice try but it's a nonsense logic you just presented.

As you ask Haitians to change mentality and the way they do things, I am asking you to change your mentality and your approach to Haiti's problems.

To reach that goal (changing mentality and your approach) I am suggesting that you learn about the "Cause and Effect" theory.

What you just presented looks as if US-government is not corrupt, which would be the an absolute idiotic believe of magnitude proportion.

Fact is, US-government is very corrupt.

Ronald, I want you to understand that what those in the government get paid has nothing to do with violence in Haiti.

There is no correlation whatsoever.

According to the "Cause and Effect" theory, poverty and unemployment are the major causes of the violence in Haiti.

Where ever there is high unemployment and rampant poverty there is always hight violence and high pregnancy.

In Haiti, the people who use violence doesn't necessarily mean they like violnce and that they don't really care, but they have to survive.

This is what's called "Surviving." They have to do what they have to do in order to live even if it means they have to turn into violence.

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A lot of people are getting paid. A lot of people...

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