I do not give my opinions very often on Haiti's issues, but i...

Ferdinand - January 14 2011, 6:27 PM

I do not give my opinions very often on Haiti's issues, but i realize that i should give my take on this.

Haiti is a free country.

I admit we have a constitution to abide and live by. But Haitian leaders have proven over the years that they are incapable of leading this country.

I believe a true leader should see the people first, not power.

Jude Celestine can still do the things he wants to do without being "president".

I just wanna ask Preval and Jude Celestin to give the country a chance.

Haiti can bear no more. It is time for every Haitian to be servant to each other, not seeking power.

What Haiti needs now is a servant leader, not people seeking self-achievement.

Unless we, Haitians, are willing to change Haiti, no one else will. A servant leader is the solution, not a power hungry leader.

Overall, everything that is happening in Haiti now is the result of poor leadership, irresponsible leadership.

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