Anyone can have a 'RESERVATION' on any issue. Moreover, a...

Ronald Altieri - January 13 2011, 6:23 PM

Anyone can have a 'RESERVATION' on any issue.

Moreover, a person can make a 'RESERVATION' at a restaurant, hotel or with an Airline.

We all have 'RESERVATIONS' with our mothers' and fathers' recommendations and decisions.

Husbands sleeping with their wives on the same bed have 'RESERVATIONS' about this and this and that.

So, it is ok for the President to have 'RESERVATIONS' about a process which is throwing all of his thoughts that he has entertained in his mind for the future, as he sees, in the political trash can of Haiti.

But, to show some 'Grin nan dada' he should just tell the OAS and the world that he will not accept the recommendation of the OAS Report and that he wants the CEP to do a recount with Haitian Voting Experts, before he can make a decision whether to accept the OAS Report recommendations on Feb 7th.

Now, if he does that than we can say that he has 'DEVOTION' to his cause.

As i said, anyone can have or make 'REVERSATIONS'.

In essence, let us wait and see what the 'RESERVATION' is for, because so far all we have is that there is a 'RESERVATION'.

It speaks of pride, but we will wait to see if there is dignity in it.

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