Pale avem! Soeu'm. Bon, moin mim se langue Socrates'la ki...

Ronald Altieri - January 13 2011, 1:22 PM

Pale avem! Soeu'm.

Bon, moin mim se langue Socrates'la ki satuyet moin plus - intel intel, Descartes, Sartre ou Pascal tout idee moun sa'yo se pou fait jouet ak langue.

En nou pousse plus loin.

Moin d'accord avec tout sa ou te di nan dernier message ou'a, except for:

"Konprann bien sa'm di'w la. Se yo menm ki te fe eleksyon yo, pou kisa se jodi-a pou yo di ke yo pa bon. Please...

spare me."

My dear sister, if it was the US and OAS who was doing the election, then we need to nullify the results.

Simply, because we need Haiti to conduct Elections for itself with the support and aid of the US and OAS. If this is totally true, then why did the government and CEP allowed another nation to conduct our elections?

Could this be considered a crime of 'Trahison' under our constitution?

If the government allowed another to conduct its internal affairs, then the blame can not be placed on an outside agency - such as OAS or etcetera.

If our goverment request the help of an outside agency (OAS) to conduct a total examination, of that which they should have examined themselves with their own experts, and said they would accept the results, then the results must be accepted.

The whole is watching.

Mona! Mona! This is a new age, and we want to change our moral posture.

Please, we want to move beyond blaming anyone for our issues; we want to take responsibility for our own actions, which will be a sign of political and social maturity.

Yes! It is true that total independence from the world is not possible, as every nation need to be dependent on one another for this and that. But the days of BLAMING THE US OR OAS MUST COME TO A STOP. Let us take responsibility for our situation, and position ourselves accordingly.

The fact that we are not holding hands and praying together is not anyone else;s fault.

The fact that Port-Au-Prince is not clean is not anyone else's fault.

The fact that Haitians are raping its youth is not anyone else's fault.

We have to get rid of this mental poison that someone make us feel that someone else is 'totally' responsible for what we do and how we do it.

Let us spare the minds of the young ones from being poisoned with that mental defect that we all suffer from; namely: "Someone else is responsible for our actions." OK! Hold on. Certainly, someone else may, in fact, be responsible for our misfortunes, but our actions - i beg to differ.

Think! We could have decided to clean up our streets before we gave respect to our dead yesterday; that is a decision and responsiblity we could have made and undertake, irrespective what is going on.

In light of all that can be said on so many issues, which we can find ourselved being a bit emotional about, let us recognize that unless we are part of the solution - we are part of the problem.

BTW! Yes! I live in the US. My mother brought me here as a youngster, but my heart never left Haiti.

I represent Haiti with honor and very well by everything i do. Some are living in Haiti and are singing in front of the flag with their hands over their hearts, but yet they do more hurt to Her than the outsider.

I hope to have stayed in context of our topics and if not, i hope you will be king enough enough to give me a chance to clarify whatever obscurity may be found.

M'konnin guin fem poze nan kay'la. Moin salue'ou avek respe! An nou fai yon ti medite avek yon ti penser.

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M'konnin guin fem poze nan kay'la. Moin salue'ou avek...

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