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Haiti - January 13 2011, 7:26 AM


When you think that at first the OAS thought the vote was ok as is, and that tijude and Mrs. Manigat thought they won the first round by more than 50%, you come into the reality of how riduculous the whole thing was in consideration of Michel's votes finding their way to the trash in the streets (if you do not believe they were Michel's votes, wait and see!).

And when you think that the CEP had validated the vote, and that Preval invited the OAS to evaluate and confirm what they thought would be in his favor of after 12 candidates said that the vote should be redone.

When you think that it is not tijude - the actual candidate - who is actually doing the talking as the Presidential Candidate, but Preval who is only running to the get across the border, you actually want to have a laugh.

When you thing that senator lambert joseph wanted to clean the streets, but that the Jan 12th never saw him with his partners and broom to actually do some cleaning, you actually see how much work he wanted to do.

When you think that no Haitian Voting Law experts were invited (as far as we know) by Preval to take part in the 'Evaluation and Recommendation', you start to really see how silly the whole thing was.

By the way! You should know that politics is what it is - how
ever serious of a social tool - it is a mainly a social art by which some control the people.

But it becomes something as real as breath when the people will not allow their vote; their dreams, to be casted aside.

As to the elections being redone - it appears as if that will be the case, it started with Manigat and Martelly and it is going to be redone with Michel and Manigat.

let us move on!

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L'OEA serait vraiment degueulasse pour reconnaitre...

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