its me joseph please michel martely if u want to wind this

Joseph Eliscar - January 12 2011, 10:40 AM

my email is jeliscar12 at want to tell u one thing if u want to be a thing u have to do now get wyclef in yr compagne what now to help u. because his get all the population with him as leader to help haiti .im verry tired with preval .we need to put haiti an other direction as a country have independance.

second think we need some body to put haiti safe as a country.

third we have to stay together to do this election, if u wind thats good,,if mrs manigat wind we have to stay to gerther to work as aleader to bring haiti la apelle des antilles et haiti cherie.

thank u verry much may GOD bless haiti we need change .one GOD one nation

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