Dieuseul, Nou konnin keu dieu seul est fort et parfait. And...

Ronald Altieri - January 11 2011, 7:26 AM


Nou konnin keu dieu seul est fort et parfait.

And the other thing we do know is that if a person feels that they will become nothing, then nothing is already planted in them. And, if nothing is how somehow sees their future, they should not see that same future for everyone else.

So when you say this statement: "Se sa ki fe nou menm Ayisyen nou pap ka janmen vin anyen."

Internet friend, we here are fighting very hard with our minds to eradicate to poison that has been implanted in our minds, namely to feel inferior; to feel as if we will be nothing, to feel as if we are ugly; to feel as if our country is nothing but trash, and to repeat it to the youth is a poison that we need to fight against and get rid forever of in our system and ways of thinking.

Dieuseul, clear the trash from your mind and do not pass it on to the youth or us. "WE NEED POSITIVE VIBES FROM POSITIVE ENERGY."

You also said that, "When I think about how bad my country is sometime I cry.why do my people have to live in darkness for so many years?"

We want to welcome you today to the light that will earse your tears; this light can be found inside of you. There is a switch inside your mind - for this spiritual light, travel inward and turn it on. I guarentee you, that you will feel your spiritual worth and you will see where you belong in the most beautiful dream we refer to as life. Moreover, you will see that you as a Haitian Person has a great story in the history of the world.

Do not be concernted what is coming out of your body, but pay great attention to what your mind is digesting and spewing.

Simply because, we have a new generation to care for, and we do not want them to think that they are nothing and will not ever be nothing; that thought Dieuseul, is worst than moral suicide.

I have a feeling you are starting to see, and you thought you were in darkness.

Hey! The light is there for all of us.

I know you are only 19 and you have been asking many questions over questions over and again, and that you have not found any answers yet. And, that you are praying that one day you will find the answers and do something for your people and my country.

Dieuseul, the answers are inside of you, look inside your mind. And, my Haitian youngblood, you can start doing something for your people and your country today - right now at this very moment: YOU CAN START THINKING THAT YOU ARE SOMETHING UNIQUE IN THE MIRACLE OF THE UNIVERSE.

I sent this to you with respect and love, please receive it in the same.

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Se sa ki fe nou menm Ayisyen nou pap ka janmen vin...

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