It would be nice to have the whole article to readm as opposed...

Ronald Altieri - January 10 2011, 4:10 PM

It would be nice to have the whole article to readm as opposed to just excerpts of it, but we understand the issue with that.

Anyway! Everyone already knew of the massive irregularities, Everyone already knew that the numbers found will border abstrations of substraction, addition or even multiplication.

But given the questions of:

What do you think their final answer will be?

I have to say that we all hope that it will be what makes some sense for the people, and not only what makes cents and dollars for some..

Will there be a round 2?

There has to be a second round, whether or not it is a redone or a run=off remains to be heard and seen.

Will it be Manigat-Celestin, Manigat-Martelly, or Celestin-Martelly?

Does anyone honestly believe that the youth of Haiti will stand by quietly for five years with tijude as President?

Furthermore, does anyone believe that Martelly will actually accept a run-off with tijude?

Hey! It's 'possible', but the word 'possible' is within the word 'impossible'.

Let us wait to hear and read the official statement of the OAS, We know that politics is not a game with 'absolutes', but be absolutely clear that time will tell.

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