What exactly should be re-counted? It has been observed and...

J R Auguste - January 8 2011, 3:29 PM

What exactly should be re-counted?

It has been observed and reported that huge numbers of ballots were pre-inscribed with Jude Celestin's name prior to being placed into the boxes.

If true then the recount will be as fraudulent as the count; leaving only one solution: a do-over of the entire election.

As to what the USA or any other foreign heavyweight says: Folks, you are independent and democratic only on paper.

Be honest with yourselves instead of exhibiting this alleged patriotism.

When you take the neighbor's money and logistical support to organize elections (a basic staple of independence), the neighbors will have their say in your "internal" business of elections.

Don't just "talk" independence.

Act it.

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