Mr. Tucker, Thank you for your point blank - it's right on the...

Ronald Altieri - January 8 2011, 2:32 PM

Mr. Tucker,

Thank you for your point blank - it's right on the money.

Well! What you are seeing is exactly what has been the focus of the 'Powers That Be' for years, which is the almost total avoidance of what is of paramount importance to the people, to the country and its future.

Hence, the era of cholera and the powers that be have positioned themselves to fight each other.

I dare to say that some candidates seem to have some great ideas; whereas, the usual suspects seem to be suffering from diarrhea of the brain.

But to answer the question directly: The candidates are now waiting for OAS to give some results to CEP, who will in turn give those result to Preval and the other candidates (i suppose), at which point we will find out who who does not have cholera and what the plans are for those who are suffering from it. Hey! I have to have a sense of humor about my darling Haiti issues - however serious the subject.


Touching Base

My name is Bobby Tucker. I am curious as to what candidates are specifically doing to stop the spread of Cholera in...

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