C..a, Thank you for your insighful comment. But, i am little...

Ronald Altieri - January 8 2011, 8:45 AM


Thank you for your insighful comment.

But, i am little puzzled on the prediction.

Yes! It is true that one of the candidates will be the President.

Yes! It is true that the second round will produce the President.

But guy! There is not a presidential candidate for this year that is named Guy Celestin.

Now, as to the passes that are being made by Preval to the OAS, we will wait and see if they will lead to a goal or a penalty or even a foul. The CEP is the the goal keeper, that makes it interesting, don't you think,

I dare to say that it is not the tragedies of earthquakes, hurricanes, floods, poverty, and cholera that got us here, but it the our state of mind.

We need to change our 'State of Mind', because unless we have a positive radical change within our mentality; unless there is a spiritual revolution within ourselves, we will back at this 'Election Mardi-Gras' again and again.

Can you see, C..a!

In faith we will, but in fear we will not!

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Listen Guys! the president of haiti already nominated...

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