Mr. Mills, Your thought of 'ideology', as a tree to be planted...

Ronald Altieri - January 4 2011, 10:34 AM

Mr. Mills,

Your thought of 'ideology', as a tree to be planted for the future geneartions, and its branches as 'visions' is certainly the type of conversation that we - as Haitians - need at this time more than ever.

Your thought of 'frustration' as wasted energy, if not used to fuel an ideology is also a bel kout tambou,

Moin voye yon gro kout pou'ou for bringing those important points on this on this screen.

Permit me to say that some of us at one time or another have voice our opinions, in one way or another, at certain times on this matters.

Some do it more eloquently than others, but nevertheless enpil nan nou ap bat tambou'a hoping that the vibes will be caught.

Max, i caught your vibes,

Now, Let us move to visualize a course that has no danger, because the one we have been on is 'Dangerous Course'.

En nou komense bat tambou'a avec l'espoir positif:

IDEOLOGY: Haiti should adopt an ideology of Non-Violence, so that we can steer not only Haiti but the whole world away from a 'Dangerous Course'.

Protestations or Manifestations need to be legalized, orderly and respectful of the property of others.

But before we can go there, which is at the heart of our vision, our Constitution needs to be amended and ratified by the impartial/neutral judicial powers that be, to reflect the new outlook and prevent certain political maladies from affecting our political machine.

Right now the violations to the visions in our constitutions has rendered us more sickly than we can imagine.

Thereby, our very legacy or foundation, if you prefer, is being uprooted.

You and i know that, when a tree is not deeply rooted it can be uprooted during a sever storm.

But if it is deeply rooted, during a severe storm, it will only loose leaves and some branches.

Let us move on!

VISIONS: Haiti should not accept any funds from any other country that wants to control its affairs because of these funds.

We should only accept 'Humanitarian Help', in lieu of helping the sick. We should welcome those who want to come in and help us with Electrical Plants, Water Treatment Plants, Sanitation Plants, etcetra

We are surrounded by water, water is the source of electricity.

We have a lot of corn, corn can be turned into Ethanol, which is a clean burning fuel that can used in automobiles, in cooking stoves, in generators, etcetera.

We have the sun shining on us, we can have solar panels to run the fans in buildings or to light up around our swimming pools etcetera.

We have been dealt some bad cards, let us create our own deck and have our cards.

In other words, we have suffered as slaves, let us not treat our sisters and brothers as subhumans just because they have no means to better themselves.

But instead, let us create an environment where a person would take pride in their appearance; although we know that it is about substance and apperance.

This and more that this, has to start in early education.

It is not about speaking English, Spanish, Latin, Greek or wearing Italian clothes or pouring on French perfumes or driving that beautiful automobile.

It is about understanding your place on this earth; it is about having a sence of identity; it is about knowing that you have contributed greatly to the social evolution of this world; it is about 'Dignity' and not only 'Pride'.

Given that frame of mind, training of teachers is a of paramoount importance, because they are the one who are in charge of conditioning, as well as the parents, the minds of the young; the minds of the future.

A mechanic seem to get paid more for babysitting a car than a teacher does for taking care of a child's mind. We need to rethink ourselves.

Moreover, we are involved with a political mardi-gras every 5 years - that is a dangerous course for a patriarchal culture such as ours. The judicial powers need to look into the infrasture of our political frame and see if it is possible to elect a president every 8 years, and such president would be impeachable after 6 years if charges of violating the constitution have been substantiated through the legal channel.

The peolple is the blood of the country, but they need to let constitution be their breaths.

To continue on this line of thought, we need to make laws to protect our most precious resource - our females, because without them there is no life, no love and no music.

M'te ka continue bat tambou'a toujou'oui, min yon solo m'paka continue indefiniman.

The earthquake was a a kout tambou pou fai racine kompa mache, li pat yon kout kanno pou kraze bisket nou.

Kimbe la, zancet nou pasa pala, zantray nou pase pimal,

I will not go back and read this for mistakes or clarification, but i am sure you will see some of my visions, which is really our vision.

Kimbe la Mediter et penser.

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