Excellent point! Michel may not be Preval's and/or the CEP's...

Ti Manno - January 3 2011, 2:08 PM

Excellent point! Michel may not be Preval's and/or the CEP's choice, may be not even the choice of this and that, but if the choice is not accpetable to the people therefore it is unacceptable.

Preval was placed in the Office of the Presidency by the people, and if Preval's choice for the people is unacceptable, then an acceptable choice must be presented.

This, simply because it is the people's choice that matters at the end, and not Preval's, not the CEP, not the OAS.

There is always a choice, let us wait to see what choice will be made and what actions will be taken.

Will the people be given the choice to be content with their choice, or is it going to be the same old pattern leading to what we will already know so well.

A political leader trying to govern its people with a choice of discontentment is not a choice that any good patriot should make.

Let's wait and see if there is any conscience in their minds toward the people.

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