Sisters and Brothers, Isn't true that Haiti has been on a...

Ronald Altieri - January 3 2011, 11:12 AM

Sisters and Brothers,

Isn't true that Haiti has been on a 'Dangerous Course' for a long time?

Just look the children who are the future of Haiti, has anybody been preventing the 'Danger' in the 'Course' of their lives before Jan 12, 2010.

Haiti has been socially suckered, militarily protected, economically conquered but now the great revelation of the Nation being on 'Dangerous Course' is being revealed.

The Dominican Republic Army has had their eyes on annexing Haiti as a 'Failed State' for some time now, and Leonel would welcome the opportunity if things get so ugly for Preval and his Brazilian team of yellow and green.

The USA, France, Canada, OAS, CARICOM and the OAS want stability in Haiti; they are not interested in a spiritual revolution of those were a lot of trouble in 1803-1804 (why do you think your Military was castrated, and you economy was helped to be reduced to almost nothing by the OAS 'Embargo' of 1991 thu 1994?).

Haiti is on 'Daingerous Course' some would say. But look at the 'Pearl of The Antilles, look at the number one Caribbean tourist destination in the 1960's and 1970's, look at the little country who had its '5 Gourdes' equal the USA 'Dollar' as early as the 1970's and see that Haiti has been on a 'Dangerous Course'.

Haiti has been on 'Dangerous Course', but now it has reached the 'Danger' of that 'Course'.

Look at it! The 'Constitution' has value for those who have sworn to protect it. Other nations and dignitaries of are giving interpretation to the powers that be on what the 'Constitution' is implying or saying.

Ooooh! May our ancestors dry the tears in their eyes and forgive those who do realize the sacrifices that were made for us to have a 'Constitution' of our own, to be respected and revered by those who are sworn to protect it.

We were on 'Dangerous Course' for quite a long time. We can not do much about the past, but learn from the mistakes made. But we can do something about the future, a future which belongs to the children.

We must now have the mental strength to endure the trials and tribulations that we must go through in order to complement our '1804 Military Revolution' with a '2011 Spiritual Revolution'.


What is at stake, my friend, is our very survival as an 'Independent Nation'

May we find the courage to create some happiness for us this year, so that the generations of the future, will say that 2011 was a Happy New Year.

In doing so, we would have shown sacred gratitude to our ancestors.

In doing so, the Children of Haiti; the Children of our Tomorrow will say, "In 2011 Haiti woke up and change its 'Course' from a dangerous path to a produtive journey."


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