Samba, we are not being disrespected because of our low...

Jp - December 31 2010, 5:50 PM

Samba, we are not being disrespected because of our low GDP..Ok?

If you live out of Haiti, you should have a good sense of the reality.

Example of the good reason: Take a guy like Wyclef for example.

I use him simply because he's popular so you may know best what I am talking about.

Well, if you see how he talks when talking in public.

This guy is not comfortable to speak the true about Haiti cause of problem.

Instead, he's doing the same thing those people who disrespected us doing.

He usually likes to describe how dirty, poor, bad Haitian people life is. He's all about charity for food instead of being a major voice for Haiti that telling the true about Haitian people.

He's not the only one, MANY.


Haiti's Legacy: The Poorest Country In The Caribbean Sea

We cannot be respected overseas and people will always believe that we are economic refugees and dirty people too...

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