Wyclef Jean it's not alone. Most Haitian people that born...

Jp - December 31 2010, 5:00 PM

Wyclef Jean it's not alone.

Most Haitian people that born, grew up in U.S. or those that come at early age in the U.S. are afraid of speaking out against the wrong doing to Haiti.

Except where there are some foreign, especially some white people standing with them they like to talk.

If we live out of Haiti and you can see clearly how things are, we can even see clearly then those who live in Haiti.

And, instead of helping Haitian people by being a voice for them, put the fact where it is, many of Haitians among us ended up support those same foreign people stigma that have been degrading Haitian people lives for many years.

The only thing they do best is speaking against Haitian government like many foreigners like to do. To my knowledge, that is why Haiti so poor and Haitian reputation always the same or at the lowest ever. To have a bunch of scary people from a country that Keep blaming own people or own government to better suit foreign people or foreign media is the worst thing ever that can happen to Haiti.

Worst then the earthquake, then the Cholera, and the storms.

In fact, none of those 3 things that happened in Haiti could have been avoid if those cowards Haitians in U.S. were more concern about the foreign works activities in their country instead of follow into the foreign media with major goals is to turn the Haitian people against each other or keep them hate each other.

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