Not that you care, Vini, but I was under the internet radar...

Marjory Middy - December 31 2010, 12:22 AM

Not that you care, Vini, but I was under the internet radar since the 22nd of December.

Just came back today from the United Northeast through 2 Midwestern states,2 southern states then from there to Europe from Europe to south America, from South America back to the Northeast, US. This is tiresome but it was good to spend time with families and friends on holidays.

Haiti has had a true election in 1991 when Jean Bertrand Aristide was elected president for the first time. The people's choice was respected in that election.That was the last true election.

I am not quite sure what you think the people should do?

Accept a parody of an election or a bad selection so corruption could continue as usual.

Don't you understand that an election created with corruption can NEVER produce something descent.Don't you understand that Haiti will always have chaos if the presidency is founded in chaos.

Nothing good can can from a corrupted election.

If Haiti was serious about her future, she would have picked a Baker or a Ceant.

to do the job. But the people are not the one doing the picking and anyone with a backbone will not do for this job. Baker wanted to collect taxes from the rich to serve the foo. So The Bourgeoisie got rid of Baker before Baker become a thorn in their back. Baker wanted economic reform, again, that did not sit well with the Haute Bourgeoisie, so they pay Baker lip service.

The rubble on the streets, get used to them, because they are going to be part of Haiti for a long time to come. Let's supposed they clean up, where they are to dispose the garbage and debris.

Louisiana is a parallel story to Haiti's but Haiti has some unique ones too.
New Orleans folks, majority of them did not have flood insurance.

They were not covered for flooding.

Haiti has not private insurance that was supposed to arrive, but the support is coming from charity organization and we are completely at their mercy.

The International Community has all the signs, all the red flags, they decided to go with that sham election anyway knowing that it is heavily flawed.

This is very disrespectful to the hHaitian people to accept such a blatantly mediocre solution.

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Dear Majorie can you tell me how long ago haiti have...

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